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Paweł Huryn
4 min readOct 22, 2022

People asked me over and over again in DMs. So here it is :)

1. Lock yourself in a room and read these 12 books on PM (updated)

2. Top 50 PM books by David Pereira

3. Top free PM courses (updated)

4. Top 11 PM podcasts you’d be crazy to miss

5. An excellent collection of thinking tools and frameworks to help you solve problems and make better decisions

6. Top 6 strategic frameworks every PM should know to be successful

7. 12-Month MBA for PMs (books; you will thank me later)

8. 5 visuals that help you become better at Product Thinking

9. 10 frameworks that will make you a better PM by Aakash Gupta

10. 21 Essential TED Talks for PMs by Aakash Gupta

11. There are more than 100K PM videos. Most of them are noise. Top 20 that will teach you more than any course (new)

12. 6 books to sharpen your thinking by Ben Meer

13. 7 must-read books to improve design sense by Aakash Gupta (new)

14. 11 newsletters that will teach you more than any $150,000 MBA (new)

15. 10 free no-code tools for startups

16. 7 free Chrome extensions that boost productivity so much they feel illegal to use (new)

17. Thousands of free Scrum and Agile articles:

18. The best collection of PM internships by Product Alliance

19. The top product management events in 2023

20. Top 200 best creators on Linkedin based exclusively on data by Favikon

Full ranking (11 categories):

21. At least half of your ideas will not work. Product Discovery can limit waste and rework by 50%. 7 books that will teach you everything you need to know (new):

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