Jobs-to-be-Done Masterclass with Tony Ulwick and Sabeen Sattar

Introduction to JTBD and ODI and a practical step-by-step example.

Paweł Huryn


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Jobs-to-be-Done Masterclass with Tony Ulwick and Sabeen Sattar

My guests are Tony Ulwick, book author and the mind behind Jobs-to-be-Done Framework, and Sabeen Sattar, Chief Operating Officer and product leader at Strategyn.

In the interview, we discussed:

  • (01:14) Jobs-to-be-Done and Outcome-Driven Innovation
  • (24:20) A practical step-by-step example
  • (33:54) Q&A

1. My notes on the steps Sabeen took

This point is not a complete Jobs-to-be-Done overview. Below, I summarized the steps Sabeen took for easy analysis.

Step 1: Define the market and “job-to-be-done”

The first step in applying the Jobs-to-be-Done Theory is to define the target market as a group of people + the job they are trying to get done.

Sabeen defined the market using a free JTBD Market Definition Canvas:

  • Job executor: Pet owners
  • Job-to-be-Done: Provide nutrition for a pet