How to Nail an Exec Presentation and Be Noticed? SCQA Framework, Pyramid Principle.

Three secrets to turning your presentation into a clear, compelling story (not only for Product Managers)

Paweł Huryn
3 min readNov 27, 2022

Every Product Manager needs to give an executive presentation sometimes.

But many people suck at it, fail to keep audiences interested, struggle with communicating information clearly, and waste the chance to be noticed.

There are three secrets to turning your presentation into a clear, compelling story:

  1. Use the SCQA Framework
  2. Use the Pyramid Principle
  3. End with a brief summary

Now I’ll explain it so that you know how to easily use it in your work.

1. Use the SCQA Framework

The SCQA Framework is used by the biggest consulting companies like McKinsey & Company or PwC.

The acronym stands for:

  • Situation: Describe the current situation and set the context for your presentation, e.g., “Meta has 51.19% of the social commerce market share.”
  • Complication: Clearly state what are the problems and challenges in that situation, e.g., “The new generation prefers TikTok, and the company’s growth slows down.” Explain why the presentation is needed.
  • Question: Explain what problem you are trying to solve, e.g., “How we can get back on the path of rapid growth.”
  • Answer: Provide the answer, which will be the main part of your presentation, e.g., “We should invest in the metaverse” (I don’t believe that, it’s just an example).

Before providing an answer, tell your audience why they should care. Set the context for what you are going to say. It’s essential.

Now you have their attention, and they can understand your message easily.

2. Use the Pyramid Principle to structure the Answer

Start by providing the answer \ main idea. Support it with additional details and information.

For example, each line below can be a separate slide:

  • Slide: We should invest in the metaverse
  • Slide: — We should invest in VR devices
  • Slide: — — VR devices details 1
  • Slide: — — VR devices details 2
  • Slide: — We should invest in VR apps
  • Slide: — — VR apps details 1
  • Slide: — — VR apps details 2

Using the Pyramid Principle will make your answer crystal clear.

3. End with a brief summary

Tell them what you’ve told them:

  • Shortly restate: Situation, Complication, Question
  • Shortly summarize the Answer
  • Tell them what the recommended next steps are (call to action)
  • Plan time for questions and answers


If you liked this post, pay attention to its structure:

  • Situation: Every PM needs to give an exec presentation sometimes.
  • Complication: But many suck at it, wasting the chance to be noticed.
  • Question: How to easily turn a presentation (….)
  • Answer: SCQA Framework and the Pyramid Principle
  • Brief Summary

Using this structure will make your presentation clear and compelling. You may also throw some jokes, smile, keep eye contact, and ask questions during your talk to make it more interactive.

Try it at the first opportunity so that you don’t forget it.

Hope that helps.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

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