How to Design a Value Proposition Customers Can’t Resist?

What Is a Value Proposition? Best Practices. Value Proposition Template. Canva Value Proposition Example. Positioning vs. Messaging vs. Copywriting.

Paweł Huryn
5 min readApr 20, 2024

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This post is the result of a collaboration between Aatir Abdul Rauf and myself, Paweł Huryn. We used “I” in the text solely for stylistic reasons.

Aatir is the VP of Marketing at vFairs, leading a global team of marketers to drive demand and revenue. He regularly writes about product management and marketing tips on LinkedIn and authors the Behind Product Lines newsletter.

1. Positioning vs. Messaging vs. Copywriting

Let’s start with a few definitions to align on the basic terms.


Positioning is an internal activity that defines how your company wants to be perceived by its target customers. It involves identifying your main product category, specific market segments…