3 Things You Must Know About The Great Dispersion Economy

Macroeconomic mega-trend that encapsulates the greatest reshuffling of stakeholder value in recent history. Like any such trend, it offers amazing wealth creation opportunities, but also risks.

Photo by Frederick Tadeo on Unsplash

So what's really going on?

1. The distance between producers and consumers is shortening

  • Uber — distance to the drivers
  • Netflix — distance to the movie creators
  • Telemedicine — distance to the doctors
  • Google — distance to the knowledge
  • Udemy — distance to the education
  • Amazon — distance to the sellers
  • Tesla business model — eliminating dealers

2. As a result, many old distribution channels are dying

3. People exit many traditional institutions

  • Bitcoin — exit from central banks
  • DeFi — exit from centralized finance
  • Social media — exit from mass media
  • Remote work — exit from work 9–5
  • Creator economy — exit from employment

When did it start?

What will the future hold?

As Mark Hunter said: “It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right”



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