Agile is dead. We need to be agile!

Paweł Huryn
1 min readJan 26, 2023

Everyone wants to be “Agile.” But nobody even understands what “being Agile” means today.

Agile is dead. We all know it.

And that’s a good thing. Why?

I understand the sentiment. Agile Manifesto was needed at that time. But sentiments aside, apart from values, it was a Project Manifesto with:

  • Someone external to DEVs “changing the requirements” (the build trap)
  • Working software as “the primary measure of progress” (output)
  • Just doing and listening to the customer (customer-vendor, B2B only)

So I encourage you to use “agile” from the dictionary. Forget about the obsolete “A.” And focus on what matters today:

  • Long-term strategy over short-sighted goals
  • Customer value over temporary business gains
  • Discovering what to build over implementing someone’s ideas
  • Missionaries over mercenaries
  • Valuable outcomes over working output
  • Learning from the data over trusting stakeholders’ opinions
  • Eliminating waste over welcoming it every iteration
  • Continuous improvement over learning in batches
  • Releasing often over regular internal reviews

Bonus: People and interactions over immutable frameworks.

Anything else?